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Our hemp is Quality crafted cannabis cultivated in Florida. Using the finest genetics at scale while maintaining quality and crafting the finest products tailored for you. We pride ourselves by leading the way in developing improved hemp varieties with a special focus on premium quality and customer service and keep a close relationship with our team and customers. Once you have been immersed with our products you will understand why we strive everyday to make great products and change individuals lives.

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24K Gold Punch

An indica and sativa hybrid made by crossing Sunset Sherbet with Thin Mint GSC. It offers a euphoric high and it relaxes you almost immediately. In fact, this strain is so potent, and users feel the effects so quickly that this strain is often recommended for more experienced users. 24K leaves you feeling pain free, productive and stimulated. 

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Our company and product lines seek to have offerings to support an array of individual needs by offering quality, premium products that aid in providing solutions to help people feel better whether mentally, physically, or general wellness. We pride ourselves on seeking out the best genetics and cultivating them to peak performance, to suit varied the needs of each individual’s personal goals.

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